Where did the idea come from?


It is created by a Green Beret who recognized in himself that when he was competing for something he trained harder. He used this concept in his own fitness regimen with great success among fellow serviceman. The app was created when one of the training group members questioned the score of another’s. Fitfight was born.


What is the Fitfight App?


It is a platform to inspire competition in physical fitness. We enable athletes to create competitions or compete everyday against themselves and others. Performance is verified through video submission. In some cases its for bragging rights. In others its for money.


What is a Fitfight?


An organizer creates a high intensity fitness competition under 7 minutes in length. It can be paid, free, or sponsored. It has a open and close date. A winner is declared.


What kind of competitions are there?


There are two. Minimum time or maximum reps.


How do I become a Fitfighter?


Get cleared by your health care provider to compete. If you have any questions who is responsible for your safety the answer is it is you. Read our terms and conditions before going any further. If all is good. Pick a competition. Record your performance. Submit it. Wait for the results. In the mean time............compete again.


What is an organizer?


The person that creates a competition, judges it, and ultimately awards the prize(s) for it. Anyone can be an organizer. The app makes it easy to share a creation on social media. Who can be an organizer? Anyone can. Just conduct yourself in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and we wont ban you.


What kind of competition should I enter?


Entirely up to you but if you have never done it you should do a couple of free competitions first so you get the feel for it.


What is the standards video?


This is where the competition organizer creates a video to explain the challenge and the standards. Its really important because this is where you learn what counts as a rep.


What makes a good competition?


A good competition is simple in nature and movements that are easy to judge. They are also best in conducted statically. Fitfight was born out of 50 burpees as fast as you can Fitfighters are not afraid to be judged and ranked. They identify their strengths and weaknesses. They work on them. And compete again.