Organizers’ Code of Conduct


1. Welcome Fit Fight Organizers

  • This Fit Fight Organizer Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is hereby made a part of and is incorporated by reference into the Fit Fight Terms of Service (the “Terms of Service”) located at Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed thereto in the Terms of Service.

  • Each User that elects to be an Organizer shall meticulously comply with the Code.

  • By hosting a Competition on the Site and/or on the Fit Fight App, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Terms of Service and the Code.

  • Organizers must be eighteen (18) years old or older.



2. Prohibited Competitions

  • Fit Fight does not host any challenges that are not purely skill-based. Chance-based challenges are absolutely barred from the platform.

  • Any Competition in which chance plays any role in determining the outcome is absolutely prohibited.

  • Any Competition that is in violation of the Terms of Service, or which facilitates the violation or circumvention of the Terms of Service, is absolutely prohibited.

  • Any Competition that is against the law is prohibited.



3. Definitions

  • The term “Competition” means a competition running on the Fit Fight App that complies with the Fit Fight Terms of Use.

  • The term “Organizer” means a user that creates and promotes a Competition.



4. Duties of Organizers

Each Organizer has the following duties and responsibilities:


  • Selection of the type of competition (e.g, minimum time or maximum repetitions)

  • Setting the applicable standards for the Competition

  • Uploading a detailed written description of the Competition and the applicable rules for such Competition.

  • Recording and posting an explanatory video describing the rules for the Competition

  • Uploading a branding photo

  • Setting a date and duration of each Competition

  • Setting the entry fee for competitors

  • Validating the winning submission and announcing the winner of the Competition within twenty four (24) hours following the close of the Competition

  • Updating the Fit Fight leader board

  • Authorizing the release by Fit Fight of proceeds of each Competition to the winner and Organizer



5. Organizer Standards

  • Organizers must demonstrate the highest levels of fairness, integrity, and professionalism in conducting Competitions

  • Organizer selection of winners must be based solely upon the performance of the competitors uploaded via the Fit Fight app.

  • To ensure fairness and impartiality in the Fit Fight Competitions, Organizers and their immediate family members are strictly prohibited from competing in such Organizer’s competitions.

  • Organizers must strictly adhere to this Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use in all Competitions.

  • Organizers are prohibited from collaborating with any party other than Fit Fight in reviewing competitor submissions and selecting a winner of a Competition.



6. Penalties for Failure to Comply with Code of Conduct

  • Fit Fight reserves the right to cancel or suspend a Competition if the Organizer does not comply with this Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use.

  • Violation of the Code will subject Organizers to penalties, including disqualification from Competitions, account suspension, account termination, cancellation of User rights and privileges, and forfeiture of any Entry Fees, Prizes, or other benefits related to any Competition.

  • You agree to indemnify and hold us, our managers, members, officers, employees, agents and representatives harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, due to or arising out of (i) Your use of the Site; (ii) Your breach of the Code or the Terms of Service; or (iii) Your violation of any third party right.